Week #13 (28-05) | Results chapter and experiments to evaluated the developed solution

Despite a set back caused by the fact that last Friday my personal computer stopped working, this week was mostly focussed on writing the results chapter of the masters dissertation and performing some experiments to gather result regarding the developed systems.

These experiments include the study of the accuracy with which the roll and pitch are translated in representation of the laser scans. For this an hydraulic jack was placed on the rear of the atlas car, allowing to slowly increase the car’s pitch, and the car was placed in front of a flat surface, from this experiment the pitch and roll where gathered along with the variable height of a laser scan point that intersected the plane, the setup can be seen in the figure bellow along with a graph detailing the variation and a short video to help visualize the results.




Other tests have been made regarding the accuracy for positioning of the atlas car, using the mapviz application to visualize a circuit travelled by the atlas car. Regarding the road reconstruction module some results have also been gathered and evaluated, as well as some troubleshooting and subsequent corrections to the code which was not correctly representing the points on the ground plane since it lacked the parameter for the orientation of the lidar sensor.

That said as of this moment only half of the results chapter as been written, only missing the results and analysis of the experiments performed in the simulator and the actual real-world tests of the algorithm.

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